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San Angelo Adoption Lawyer

If you are remarried and your spouse wants to adopt your child, or if you are already parenting your spouse’s son or daughter and it is time to make your parental relationship official, you may be searching for a knowledgeable adoption lawyer. We can help.

Our firm handles general adoptions and stepparent adoptions in West Central Texas. We understand the stresses and joys that often accompany adoption, and we understand the legal hoops that must be jumped through to make an adoption happen.

Experienced Tom Green County Attorney Handling Stepparent Adoptions

At the law office of Shawntell L. McKillop, Attorney at Law, we can help make the stepparent adoption process as smooth and efficient as possible. San Angelo adoption attorney Shawntell L. McKillop is very familiar with family court processes and Texas family law in general. She can evaluate your situation and help you answer important questions like:

  • How long will the adoption take?
  • How much will the adoption cost?
  • Who will handle all the paperwork?
  • Will there be a home study?
  • What do the background checks involve?
  • What if my situation involves the termination of parental rights?

Attorney McKillop is highly experienced with family court matters. As your law firm, we will help you make sure all paperwork is done in a correct and timely matter. We will advise you and help you prepare for all other aspects of your adoption. We will communicate with you throughout the adoption process.

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