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3 ways to practice self-care during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Family Law |

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, taking care of yourself is a priority. The divorce process can be mentally and emotionally draining, and it can be harder to cope with all your normal responsibilities at this time.

In a recent Harris Poll, approximately 44% of participants reported that self-care was only possible with enough time. But even when life gets busier during your divorce, there are still things you should do to take care of yourself.

1. Stay physically active

Regular exercise can boost your mood and help you effectively manage stress. Even though you may not want to get up and go to the gym during your divorce, find ways to be more physically active during your normal routines. For example, you may want to try going for a brisk walk during your daily lunch break.

2. Participate in activities you love

Find activities and hobbies you have always wanted to try or return to activities you used to enjoy. Participating in constructive hobbies during your divorce can help you feel more fulfilled during this difficult life transition.

3. Lean on a support system

Trying to do everything alone during your divorce can make things feel harder. Do not be afraid to ask friends and family members for help and consider talking to a professional about what you are going through on an emotional level.

It can take time for life to feel normal again after your divorce. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to heal in addition to making self-care practices an ongoing priority.