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Child custody matters can be difficult for everyone involved. In most cases, parents want to spend time with their children, and children want to have relationships with both their parents.

Child support concerns the sensitive topic of money. Some parents are concerned that they will have to pay too much child support or that they will not receive enough support. In some cases, a family court judge will order that one parent pay child support to help provide for the needs of his or her children. Every situation is different, but judges consider factors including both parents’ net incomes and the number of children involved in a case.

If you are concerned about a child custody or child support matter, our firm can help you understand and protect your legal rights.

Advice From An Experienced Child Custody Attorney In Tom Green County

At the offices of Shawntell L. McKillop, Attorney at Law, we help parents (and other concerned adults) find solutions to challenges related to child custody and child support. Family law attorney Shawntell L. McKillop helps men and women clients with:

  • Divorce cases involving children
  • Custody and support matters involving unmarried parents
  • Modification of court orders when a parent has had an income change, moves away or experiences another change of circumstances
  • Cases involving stepparent adoption and other blended-family issues
  • Issues affecting military service members and their spouses

Every support and custody situation should be evaluated as a unique matter. We are here to listen to your concerns, explain what the law says about your situation and help you find solutions.

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