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How does the child support process work in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Family Law |

If you share custody of a child with another person, the court may order one party to pay child support to the other. The court can order child support even if you have an arrangement where the child spends equal time with both parties.

The court looks primarily at the income levels of both parents and determines if one party should have a child support obligation.

Administrative process

Texas uses the Child Support Review Process (CSRP) to determine most child support obligations. This is an administrative proceeding where both parties meet with a Child Support Officer (CSO) to go through the accounting of income and other items that the court would consider in determining child support. If the parties consent to the amounts listed, the CSO will send the signed agreement to the court for final signature.

Court determination

If the parties do not agree during the CSRP, they must go to court for a determination. If the Office of the Attorney General believes domestic violence is an issue or any party is in danger, the parties will not be able to use the CSRP. The court must also decide any child support matters where one party is a minor.

During the court proceeding, the parties will meet with the CSO or assistant attorney general before the case goes to the judge. This process offers one last chance for the parties to reach an agreement before the judge decides.

The child support process in Texas promotes negotiation and agreement between the parties. If one party wants the court to decide, the final determination may take more time.