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What is gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Family Law |

Divorce is nothing new. However, gray divorce is.

Increasing numbers of gray divorces are occurring. Understanding how they can impact you is important.

Understand what gray divorce is

A gray divorce is a divorce that occurs when the couple getting divorced is over 50 years old. These later-in-life divorces have been increasing in recent years. There can be many different reasons for this kind of divorce. Some choose to stay in a marriage that is not working for their children and then wait to part ways after their kids have left the house. Gray divorces are also increasing in part to the reduced stigma around divorce in general.

Understand how it can impact you

A gray divorce is much the same as a standard divorce in many ways. However, it can impact those getting divorced differently, because they are parting ways later in life. One area where a gray divorce is different is financial. The reality is that a gray divorce can be harder on both parties financially because there is less time for them to save money before retirement. This can be particularly difficult for some women to deal with, especially if they forfeited having a career to care for their children.

All divorces are often difficult, but a gray divorce can bring with it some unique difficulties. While this does not mean you should not choose divorce, understanding the difficulties ahead can help you to make the best choices for yourself as you move towards divorce.