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What should you brace for when facing DWI charges?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Suppose you are facing driving while intoxicated or DWI charges; you need to prepare for what is about to come. That includes everything from identifying aggravating factors to dealing with multiple types of accounts in court.

Here are some things you need to brace yourself for when facing DWI charges.

Handling the DWI charges

It would be best if you started addressing the alcohol-related charges immediately. First, you will probably need to answer questions for the local police department. Then, it would be best if you began gathering evidence to support your case. If you go to court, this evidence could be critical for getting the state’s evidence dismissed from your case. If you prefer to stay out of court, you could also opt for a plea bargain instead.

Other types of charges

You may also face other types of charges for the same DWI arrest. Generally, you will only encounter this when you injure or kill someone or damage property. Like the DWI charges, you will have to deal with these in court. It may be beneficial to hire outside help, such as a personal investigator or expert witness, to help you deal with other charges.

Aggravating factors

You will also have to worry about aggravating factors, which can worsen your penalties. For example, if you injured someone while driving drunk, your sentence for this charge will worsen as the injury gets more severe. Severe property damage, personal injury and manslaughter charges can elevate your DWI charge to a felony. The circumstances of your arrest could also leave you with reckless driving charges.

You can better prepare to face these charges when you know what to expect. That can make progressing through your case smoother and make it more likely that the court rules in your favor.